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Tired of not being able to treat yourself? Do you spend your day working and can never join any last-minute plan? Whether you want to travel, make a small reform or just urgently need a credit injection you have reached the right place.

Net Loans is very fast when it comes to granting mini-credits. You will not have to wait days and days to check if your money request has been accepted. Your request, approve and receive the loan. In addition, your first request for money up to € 300.00 is at cost 0 and APR at 0%. Yes, as you hear it, you only return the money you ask for without any interest or commission. Whenever you do it within 30 days.

Do you still have doubts? We are going to clear them thoroughly knowing the microcredits of Net

Instant decision, Request a loan with bad credit online 

With Net Loans your first free small credit

Is it your first time with Net Loans? Then you are in luck since the first loan has no interest.

  • You can request your free credit provided it is a maximum amount of 300 Euros. The return also has a maximum period of 30 days.
  • You will pay € 0.00 of interest as long as you do not delay the return.
  • No trap, no cardboard, no waiting days. Whether your request is approved or they will not answer you right away.

If you want to request a loan with bad credit, you may learn more about

Requirements to apply for a loan

Requirements to apply for a loan

Do you need a fast money loan no higher (I think it is better to avoid the no, in this case “less than”) to 600 Euros? Your name does not appear in ASNEF or any other delinquency list? If the answer is yes, then you are a candidate to receive a microcredit from this financial institution to return it in a maximum of 30 days. In addition to the above data you will also need to meet these requirements:

  • Be over 20 years and have a maximum of 65.
  • Be residing in Spain permanently.
  • Be the owner of your own bank account, have a personal mobile and an email address.
  • Have monthly income: widow’s pension, pension for the unemployed, be self-employed or have a payroll.

How to apply for a loan in Net Loans

How to apply for a loan in Net Loans

Net Loans credits do not need guarantees, meeting the above requirements you only have to use 10 minutes to make your loan application. All online and without any paperwork. You just have to follow these steps:

  • Choose the desired amount of money. Remember that if this is your first time you have a free loan of up to 300 Euros. If you are a recurring customer, you can request a maximum of 600.
  • Fill the form. Enter your personal information.
  • Identify yourself through your electronic banking. Enter your bank details to receive the Net Loans mini credit.
  • Get the money in your account quickly. If your bank is one with which this company operates you will receive the money instantly.

In case your request for quick money is not approved, you will also be notified. The important thing to be able to have the loan online is to meet all the requirements of the previous point.

What interests does Net Loans have?

How much money do I have to pay for your loan interest?

Imagine that you ask € 300.00 to be returned in 30 days, the interest would be € 60.00. If you ask € 100.00 to be returned in a month, these would be 20 Euros.

The Net Loans mini credit grants from € 50 to € 600 and remember that the first one is totally free. The return can be made within a minimum period of 7 days or a maximum of one month. The interest is 20% monthly, which is equivalent to less than 1% daily.

How to return the loan?

How to return the loan?

Net Loans makes it easy and gives you many facilities to return your credit comfortably. Of course, use the payment method you use, always keep your receipt or proof. You decide which system to use:

  • Online banking Without leaving home and at the click of a button. Connect through your online banking and make a transfer indicating the Net Loans contract number.
  • Direct payment at any bank office. Make the deposit through the window of any bank, indicating the Net account number and the contract number.
  • Direct debit. Forget everything and direct payment at your bank. Make sure you have money in the account on day X.

Problems with deferrals in Net Loans? What happens if I delay payment?

The day of making the payment of your debt to Net is approaching and, for whatever reason, you realize that you will not be able to pay the fee on the agreed date. The best thing you can do is get in touch with them and explain the situation, so you avoid unnecessary calls and persecutions.

Explain your problem and agree with them new deadlines. However, as a general rule you will be asked to pay at least the interest generated.

As a general rule and in order not to increase the interest of your mini credit, it is better to meet the repayment terms. If you cannot pay your loan, do not let it go and contact Net Loans as soon as possible.

In case of default, the interest of the borrowed money will be added and your name will be included in a list of delinquents.

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