Lam Ga Hung Kyun


  • self-defence, good-health and philosophy
  • kicks, strikes, throws, submission
  • traditional teaching methods and equipment - sand-bags, weights, jars, poles, brass rings, "wooden dummy"
  • individual programm for each student, family structure of the school, teacher - student (sifu 師父 - apprentice 徒弟) relationship
  • complete "orthodox Hung Kyun" (Hung Kyun jing jung 洪拳正宗 ) curriculum: sets, weapons, sparring sets, weapons sparring sets
  • full-contact fighting (saan da 散打)
  • standartised and systematic teaching programm
  • progresive grading system - 12 students classes (kp ) and 12 masters grades (dn )
  • reality based self-defense - no "movie gungfu"
  • modern training methods and equipment - gloves, head gear, mouth piece, shin pads, groin protectors, striking pads, kicking shields


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