Brief History of Hung Ga Kyun


oltář předkůThe roots of Hung Ga Gung Fu 洪家拳術 stem from the legendary Siulam 少林寺 (Shaolin) temples - Northern Honaam 河南 (Henan) Siulam temple and especially Southern Fukgin 福建 (Fujian) Siulam Temple.

Hung Heigun 洪熙官, the founder of Hung Kyun 洪拳, was an apprentice of the Southern Siulam (Shaolin) Temple. He has studied under the guidance of the last abbot of Fukging Siulam: Venerable Master Jisin 至善禪師. Hung Heigun 洪熙官 combined tiger techniques with crane techniques which he learned from his wife Fong Wingcheun 方永春. Another disciple of Venerable Master Jisin was Luk Achoi 陸阿采, who later continued to study with Hung Heigun, his sihing 師兄 (senior Gung Fu brother)

The art of Siulam Hung Ga Kyun 少林洪家拳 was next passed down through 3 generations of the Wong family - Wong Taai 黃泰黃麒英Wong Feihung 黃飛鴻. According to some sources, Wong Keiying and Wong Feihung were members of the so called "Ten Tigers of Gwongdung" (Gwongdung sap fu 廣東十虎), the ten best Gung Fu fighters in Southern China during the 19th century. The most famous of the Wongs, Wong Feihung, learned also from other masters from the Siulam temple (lineage Gokyan 覺因"Tit kiu" Saam 鐵橋三Lam Fuksing 林福成).

The most famous student of Wong Feihung was "butcher" Lam Saiwing 林世榮 , who moved with his nephew and adoptive son Lam Jou 林祖 from mainland China to Hong Kong in the early part of the 20th century. Grandmaster Lam Jou became Lam Saiwing`s best student and successor.

The third generation of the Lam Family Hung Kyun (Lam Ga Hung kyun, LGHK 家洪) is today represented by the sons of Grandmaster Lam Jou, masters Lam Chun Fai (Lam Janfai 林鎮輝) and Lam Chun Sing (Lam Jansing 林鎮成).

Sifu Pavel Macek 保羅, the founder and chief instructor of the Czech Hung Ga Gung Fu Association 捷克洪家拳術會 is a student of Master Lam Jansing.

Detailed History of Lam Family Hung Kyun