Curriculum of LGHK



Teaching System of LGHK

Classical texts say that to have good gungfu you need 3 things: a right method, a good teacher and a good student.

The training of beginners focuses on developing a strong technique (faat ), skill foundations (gung ), relaxation, strengthening and bulding of correct structure of the techniques and correct motion patterns (from the formless to form). The students first learns specific Gung Fu warming up exercises, basic techniques/drills (saan sik 散式) and their usage or application (saan sau 散手) as well as conditioning, strenghtening and relaxation exercises (gungfu 功夫). After correct mastery of the basic exercises he/she starts to learn the first empty handed set (kyun tou 拳套), usage of the techniques in a sparring set (deui chaak 對拆) and basic combat sequences and sparring drills (wui hap ).

The training of intermediate and advanced students concentrates especially on developing skill (gung ) aspects ("from the form to formless"), sparring sets (deui chaak 對拆), combat sequences and sparring drills and weapon practice (separated techniques, sets, sparring sets, combat sequences and sparring drills and sparring). The emphasis is put on enriching the combat arsenal, combat tactics and strategy, and advance inner aspects of LGHK 家洪, namely the cultivation of "life energy" (heigung , qigong in mandarin Chinese).

The teaching system of LGHK in Pavel Macek Sifu's school offers the following options:

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Training Syllabus and LGHK Grading System

  • 12 students classes (kap )
  • 12 masters grades (dyun )

Standard LGHK Curriculum - Orthodox Hung Kyun (Hung kyun jing jung 洪拳正宗)

basic level (cho kap )
sparring sets
12. kp
"taming of the tiger in gung pattern"
"taming of the tiger"
11. kp
"traveller's staff"
10. kp 
"staff vs.staff"
9. kp
"tiger and crane"
8. kp
"commander's sabre"
7. kp
"sabre vs. spear"
intermediate level (jung kap)
sparring sets
6. kp
"arrow/war palm"
5. kp
"Geuichung's big crescent moon double knives"
4. kp
"double knives vs. spear"
3. kp
"plum blossom long-handled broadsword"
2. kp
"tiger and crane"
1. kp
"cross pattern three-sectional whip"
advanced level (jung gou)
sparring sets
1. dn
"five animals"
"Yeung family fifth brother's eight diagam long pole"
2. dn
"long pole vs. long pole"
3. dn
"plum blossom double dragon sabres"
4. dn
"ten forms"
"Yiu family big trident"
5. dn
"long-handled broadsword vs. spear"
6. dn
"plum blossom double three-sectional chain whip"
master level (gou kap)
sparring sets
7. dn
"iron thread"
8. dn
"dragon head bench´┐Ż
"double daggers vs. spear"
9. dn
"Spring and Autumn long-handled broadsword
10. dn
11. dn
12. dn


Auxiliary LGHK curriculum

bare-handed (kyun tou)
"Lau family set"
"crushing step"


weapons (bing hei)
"Lau family long pole"
"willow leaf pek gwa sabre"
"Si family plum blossom spear"
"Jau family double butterfly knives"
"Kwanleun mountain sword"
"life gate sword"